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In which our Heroine is very bored, and cannot wait for school to start. From the tiny blue binder.

Sun, Aug. 4, 1991
Dear Diary,
Today is a mixed-up day, It is 5:51 pm, and FatherSir is working on a high-voltage job. What he's doing is installing the electric water heater. I wonder if I could have my pickle. I know you are wondering what in the world I mean by my pickle. You see, Mama bought me a jar of pickles. I can have one a day. They are Kosher brand garlic dills.
My heart is beating rather fast, but most, I think, of the excitement is over. Now he's sawing some metal. Now he's hooking up the water heater. Now about all the excitement is over, except putting water in the water heater and heating that up. Now he's filling up the heater. Whewh! A looong day. First, I had practically NO breakfast, and I didn't have lunch, and I snacked all day. I've got the fall blahs. I'm just plain worn out. In case you can't read the date, it is Sunday, August fourth, nineteen ninety one, AD.
Guess what! In 12 more days, it will be six months since I started you. In case you didn't know, some time in the beginning of September I am starting sixth grade. Jay is starting seventh.
Uh, oh, problem downstairs. I think this may be as funny as when the ice shot all over the bathroom. There is something going on downstairs that I don't want to miss. I'm going to use the next page as a notebook of the exciting thing.
9:19 pm
just a quiet hum, that's all.
Well, there was nothing much. The only exciting part was that it almost boiled over. That was exciting. Since it is 11:00 pm, goodnight.

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