Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

In which our Heroine's pet dies, and also stuff about love. From the tiny blue binder.

Sept. 26, 1991
Dear Diary,
I haven't written you in ages. It is a whole month since I wrote. 2 days since I wrote you last, my pet hen Salix died. It was heartbreaking. She was sitting on the floor, a hot lump, panting, and the radio was playing, and I turned it down low, and then poor dear Lixy jerked a little...
I hope her last dream was a happy one.
I'm in Grade 6, now, and I am one of the oldest kids in school.
Choir has started.
My affection for Jay was like a fire. It was rather slow in getting started, then flamed bright (for about five years) then died away into glowing coals, and then died away as another fire was started. Ty K. is the new person to be subjected to my affection. Mama thinks I'm reading, so I'd better get done.

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