Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

In which our Heroine attends a slumber party. From tiny blue binder.

Dec. 1, 1991
Dear Diary,

Whewh! Oh boy! I just got through the Thanksgiving weekend! The last three days of November were the Thanksgiving weekend. Friday I went to Michelle's house for the night. Ruby was there too. In case you didn't know, Ruby is my almost-twin. We were born on the same day. We look a little bit alike. Oh yeah. Back to the party. We filled balloons with flour. Neat! Michelle made a balloon that looked like her busdriver. Then we made up our faces. I had in my cat make-up a white powdered face with a red nose and black eye-shadow whiskers. Then I had blue eyeshadow sunglasses. Then, a camouflage face. They had these neat guns that made noise when you pressed the trigger. So I "shot" Mrs. E. Ha ha ha! 'Night.

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