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In which our Heroine actually tells about the party. From tiny blue binder.

Dec. 30, 1991
Dear Diary,
On the 28th & 27th, I was supposed to tell you how the parties went. The first party was OK, but it started at six PM, and it took about 3 hours to get warmed up. At first, when we finally got Peter to come up (yes, that is Peter who I wrote about on June 24) I was rather embarrassed, because he is cute, and I do like him. We couldn't find anything to do. We read for a while. Then a boy named Wing came, with his Chinese parents. He's Chinese too. The boys played, and I read. Then I started playing too. I haven't told you about our great big rubber inflatable balls yet! We have three of them. 2 red and 1 green. The boys were playing with the red balls. I joined in with the green ball. Then, it was supper time, so we all crowded downstairs. We ate, then we came back up. I read, the rest played games, we did Mass Confusion, which was Peter's idea, by the way, which was turning out all the lights, except flashlights. Then [my sister] got mad. She yanked half my hair out! Just kidding about the "half my hair out" part, but it did hurt! Dessert time! We came back up, and I read. Then the boys were playing a game of "Keep the Plastic Inflatable Beach Ball in the Air." I joined in that, too. Then [my sister] played in the game too, and that was a mistake, and we tried to teach her, she wouldn't learn, they all left for home. Blah. See you later. I gotta get up.

The second party: Jenny's family and Margo and Christie came. Jenny and us played upstairs. Supper. We ate, then went back upstairs. We were going to put on a sort of play thing called The Wacky Weirdo Show. It was too long, and it flopped. We were only half done when everyone went home. Yesterday we played Monopoly almost all day. Mama won. She must have had about a million dollars. She had at least $11,500. That's just in 100's and 500's! Today we're going to see a friend of Mama's. She has three kids. The oldest one is a boy, about between Julie and me in age. Then we're going to invite some kids over here. I think I'll invite Michelle. She lives near there.
I hope the new year will bring new things. The school year of 1987-1988 brought new things. It brought the first time I ever got kissed by a boy. Yes, Jay B. I was madly in love. He kissed me by the tire swing when he was in third or second grade. His exact quote was "Look at me, I'm cool." Smack! Solveig P. was on the tire swing at that time. You know, from the time that happened until Thanksgiving weekend I have kept that secret locked in my heart.
Goodnight! Luv, Joni

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