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Backdated from computer file -- Trip around Alaska startoff.

2000 08 17 Thursday

Here’s looking at you. It’s trip time, and we’re in the Fred Meyer gas station just getting ourselves ready for the trip. We left ground zero at 10:30 right on the nose; we then went to my house, the Buchanans’, Sam’s Club, my bank, back to Sam’s Club again, Safeway, BJ’s bank, the Girl Scout building, and now here to Fred’s on Sportsman Way. Or whatever this road is. The one nearest the airport. Now we’re departing the parking lot. Poor George is crammed in the back with all the stuff; we barely have room for us. The driver has the most legroom.

14:08. I turned on the cellphone. We proceed down University past Rewak and Davis. 2:09. Approaching the Mitchell expresseay.

We have grapes. We have sausage. We have cheddar cheese. (We’re on the mitchell.) We have chips, salsa con quesa, regular tomato and garlic salsa, ketchup, bacon, hotdogs, mustard, Miracle Whip dressing. We have toilet paper. We have film for the camera and batteries for everything that takes AA.
The radio is tuned to 101.1 FM, the soft rock station that does oldies every now and then.
And we pass Lathrop. Approaching the old Rich and Cushman street- we exit. And the rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum, with the words I love you rolling off my tongue.Oh never will I roam for I know my precious home Where the ocean meets the sky, I’ll be sailing.
And we are headed for North pole.
I’m hyper enough that I’m singing along with the commercials. Oiks!
Natalie Merchant, Carnival. I love this song. It’s so a CTY song. It came out about then, and I remember myself drifting about the campus to the tune, if only in memory. Allie Q agrees with me.
We’ve passed North Pole, and it’s 14:33. Moose Creek Baptist Church there on the left. We’re entering Eilson AFB. We’re going about 73, which is pushing it for this call. It’s almost fully loaded, plus us people, and it’s definitely going to be interesting getting it all back in here again whenever we get out. It’s chilly in here now. We can see whatever planes are on the runways. BJ says it doesn’t look like ther are any exercises going on here today. It would be neat to see the military guys and gals showing off what they know how to do.
We’re going over 75, almost 80. Coming up behind a dump truck; slowed to slightly over 60.
I get to be BJ’s eyes. He can’t see behind him too well.
I’m working on Ectogenesis again. Beth died. I’m really sorry about that. She drank hemlock in the hospital. Jessica brought it in to her. Rose stops by Darrell’s and tells him. Darrell’s military and married with a daughter. It’s his old girlfriend Adara that he marries. I’m glad he finally finds someone. He’s just destined to be mundane. I feel really sorry for him. But he’s happy. I’m glad he’s happy. How old is he, anyway? Twenty-five? He’s got a daughter. How the hell did he and Adara meet up again? He probably moved somewhere that her dad’s unit was before they both turned 18. That works. I’d like to think that he went and tracked her down somehow.
We are now, at 14:46, out of radio range of 101. If we had a car antenna, we’d be able to get it all the way to Delta, but as we only have the wimpy little Lifelong baby boom box, we’re at the dead radio place before Salcha elementary school, which we just passed.
Clear Creek, 14:48. We have Three Dog Night in the CD player, and surround sound on. The speakers are behind us, with their own amplification.
Harding lake in a mile and a half.

We’re behind a Gray Line bus at the moment; Brain keeps swerving out in order to see if the way’s clear to pass them. It hasn’t been these past four times. Now we’re losing the passing zone, and going uphill. Uphill is not good for passing with this little car.
We’re in the Toyota. We don’t seem to have the Nissan yet; it’s a little matter of BJ coming up with collateral to give to John so John will give us the truck. Harding lake next left. Last left. 14:53.
I recall driving down to Anchorage with FatherSir. I took notes on the way, and noted each milepost and the time as we passed. It turned out that he was going a little over 60 in places, as we’d sometimes pass more than one milepost in a minute.
It’s a little frustrating to BJ to be stuck behind this thing. Poor guy.
I think I’ll shut the computer off for the next little while to save on batteries.
Actually, no. I’ll keep it up for a while. Maybe sleep it.
Ah, we passed the bus. 1500. We’re rounding the bend by the flats, all the bends. We’re past the Midway lodge, which was where we drove out to the night when we were out late and talking and BJ was in love with Heather and I was worried I was pregnant and wondering why I was jealous of Heather when I wasn’t in love with BJ.
Of course, I was.
I just didn’t realize it yet.
Plane with pontoons. Hi, bikers. Lots of bikers. Only about seven.
BJ’s trying to jam the road markers, the temporary ones, down into the road and blow them to bitsies.
Oh, there’s Birch Lake Station! One of my formerly classified friends (no I will not print his name here) was talking about that place. It’s military rec, and you hear all the most amazing things if you work there and you have the clearance. That’s how you get to work there. Lots of those general types get to go there.
We’re passing some folks from Canada. There was an ambulance coming the other way.
The night smelled like California last night in the suburbs.
Lost lake is well past. I miss Space Camp.
BJ brought his paintball gun along with him.
I want to get some pictures before we’re too far along on the trip.

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