Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Moving, Hacking

2000 06 19 Monday
O gods. Did I mention we’re moving? Again? This time it’s a ways off, and planned: Phoenix, AZ, and in November. RJ’s decamping pretty soon to leave. DeVry Tech. College, of a sort. O gods. O gods. The large and the small. O gods. Both of us. Not just Brian doing the college thing, me too. Me with my 800 English and 660 Math on the SAT. I’m slightly psyched; I’ve been working in my paper journal with the packing list already.
Hacking list? George asks from the other room. Yes. I’ve got my general strategy as regards hackers worked out. First, one finds them. Preferably at an early age so that one may seduce them to the side of the company/cause one works for. Then one pays them enough and treats them well and listens to their suggestions and — quite importantly — one gets another hacker, unrelated and equally loyal, probably one with a rivalry with the other guy — to check the work. This guy’s work is checked by the other hacker, or you’ve got a circle. You also employ them to first crack your system and figure out how it could be sabotaged and hacked to bits, then you challenge them to make sure that nobody else could do it. You get this solution vetted by your other trusted hackers, and you then remove the back doors they’ve added.

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