Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Flying to Arizona

20001030, Monday
2204. We’re in the air. As you can see, I’ve got my laptop and I’m working on Ectogenesis. Last time I was airborne it was either Tourbillion Melange or still Much Ado. Last time I did any serious flying it was Much Ado.
Seeing us off at the airport were FatherSir, Daniel T., Muriel T., Danny T., and Jael H.. George B. was going to come, but didn’t because his parents left and didn’t come back in time to take him to the airport. Mama wasn’t there because she was crying and upset and all about her baby going off to college in such mass confusion and rush, and about me growing up, and about me getting married the next time she would see me, and she didn’t want to make fusses in public.
I gave Jae a lipstick print on her face; she gave me one on mine. She was wearing purple lipstick; I am wearing red lipstick. I gave Danny one on the ear. Everyone thought that was funny except for him.
We left from Gate 4. We were supposed to leave at 2111, but instead we ended up leaving at 2135 or so. We had to go down the steep and rather slippery and narrow steps. I have an ankle encased in a gel brace. We’re on the sort of airplane that has a cargo hatch at the front instead of seats and all. We’re in the rear of the plane.

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