Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Hanging out back at high school...

2000 09 05 Tuesday
Hanging out in Jarvis’ room at West Valley. He has what looks to be an apathetic sophomore Algebra II class. Right now he’s teaching proportions. I used proportions every day (almost) in the bakery. Maria misses that.
I have the day off today.
Or are these juniors?
Yeah, these are juniors.
Jarvis is discussing the qualifying test. Now they’re doing homework, and the juniors are defending the answers to their homework.
Right now they’re trying to defend that Jarvis didn’t assign a certain page.
I always enjoyed this class.
I had a bad morning and night. I wasn’t all there. I was attempting to slice gashes out of myself; BJ got in the way. I cut my hair and then started crying about it. I now have a new haircut that isn’t all that bad after all.
I’m glad I’m off today.

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