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Dieting & assorted witchy

20001116, Thursday

Math class. I’m having a good day. I got 2 hours of sleep this morning. Having fun. Had coffee this morning. I’m alert and all, but a little spacey and making dumb mistakes.

Sis put a protection spell on my pentagram ring. It also expands my sensory range by a couple hundred meters. She handed me her deck of tarot cards, her favorite one, and I could feel it pulsing at me. I put it down before it did odd things to me or I completely drained it.
Sis taught me an interesting trick for losing weight. Image the food; complete visualization. Eat the visualized food completely, visualizing the things it does even in your stomach. Bye-bye, hunger. Nourish yourself occasionally using healthy things.
I am practicing it using chocolate chip cookies from Sam’s club café, Dennys’ texas barbeque burgers, Gala apples, etc. It’s amazing the number of things I know completely in terms of taste.
Have used that technique sexually many times before. It’s fun.

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