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Stuff, and also things: Work, home, images.

Work was decent. No strippers, no screamers. Did run into someone who recognized me. Must patch pants and make new Tarot bag. I read Tanya Huff's The Second Summoning over break and disrupted the lunch room giggling about genitalia, et cetera.

I was remarkably out of it all day at work today. I did get some interesting stuff accomplished: namely, I hacked on my head a bit, or tried to, based on the stuff that came up yesterday (Saturday) when doing my bit on Beltane for that year-long project. I've got a major head blockage, and gods know when that came about, but it's clearly been there for a while, it's at least three metaphysical inches thick (and I'm used to having tissue-thickness veils inside; even the walls I put up in general are usually less than an inch), and it's definitely been contributing to some of the things I've noticed in my personal life. In fact, the symptoms it causes have been around for ... years.


So I was half-tranced trying to deal with that, so most of the day just skated by me.

Came home to nicely spiffily cleaned place. Will have to remind roommates to snag new air filters with rent, if they haven't already. Also, mailing things. And xeroxing things. Yep.

Tried putting together an icon, with a rock and waves and
"Last night in my dreams
I was stationed forever,
On a far distant rock
In the midst of the sea."
After I reinstall, my iteration of Photoshop is so going on here. *sigh*

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