Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

In which there is much bitchiness...

These are the days of the Temple Raven Moon, and our hair-raising
adventures. Tonight is 2004 May 04 (May the Forth be With You!) and I
am installing a modem.

That's right, boys and girls. The Lunatic is playing with her network,
for reasons only known to the gods and herself. She is also on the
phone with Tech Support. In fact, she is still on hold waiting to talk
to Tech Support for the first time, to confirm that in fact the VPI and
VCI numbers are what she was guessing they were.

It appears as though all is in order on the modem, but of course
everything is being stupid flaky bitches, which is about par for the
course. Modem says that everything is up and running fine, but not only
am I not pinging out, I'm still on hold with tech support...

I had to play guess-and-check with protocols. Still on hold with MSN tech support. Sheesh. All this could have been prevented by asking them... but noooo... they're not there to ask. Or they're really fsking busy.

Tigereye's being a little grumpy about this, but that will pass (I hope). Sorcha loves it.

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