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Doooooom! Internet connections! Doooooom!

...basically, the numbers were what I thought they were, and it wound up being the last flavor of PPPoA that I tried.

Now, however, there is flakiness on my side, because the Xircom 10/100 Ethernet card that came with Tigereye is still doing that shit where it won't go above 10Mbps, half-duplex, reliably. What the shit is up with that? This is still, eng1ne. (The joys of having someone whose job involves your box when you call in to tech support on your friends list...) I should call sometime and go over that little bit of flakiness yet again to see if someone in the great call center can help me figure what the shit is going on there.

The 'net connection, however, is working in a fashion that I must describe as "just peachy". Namely, Yahoo's being a flake, LJ's good, but everything is subject to change...

...and I suspect that reading the docs on your new modem with one hand and typing with the other is not the usual meaning of one-handed typing.

And I still have to hack my schedule for the new order of things. Yaaagh.

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