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Blood, sweat, Star Trek, and phlebotomists

Went to give plasma. Got there half an hour before the doors opened up, which was evidently the thing to do -- I was out of there just after 10 am.

It was still a fair wait, though. HOT! But not as hot as it could have been.

When they opened up the door, I was hit with familiar music. I listened to my happy CD of pretty symphonic Star Trek music a lot back in the day, and put things on mix tapes. Turned out to be The Motion Picture. And, indeed, my editorial eye was looking at it with an eye to cutting... and the words "ship pr0n" did indeed spring to mind with the loving shots of the fair lady in dock...

My phlebotomist this time set the collection weight of the plasma for about 50 grams under what they were supposed to have taken. There was slight befuddlement. I was somewhat amused.

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