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Showed up, said bye-bye to Mama, put cellphone away, got water and ice and clocked in. Attempted to evade Mr. Bitter in the break room while talking with Mama and getting the ice, but was not entirely successful.

I was on BTS as usual, o joy me. But I was on the panel, not on the recruitment, so the work flew by and I barely had time to grab a breath in between.

We got sent on break at five. I was on a long survey, so I got out twenty minutes late. There were muffins (Sam's, blueberry, chocolate-chocolate chip, and banana walnut) and lots of interesting conversation (as it was me, Motley, RC, trystan_laryssa, their GM, some random other lady, and me at the table). Motley was there as late as I was, and much fun was had.

We went home at seven. Short day. Mother's Day.

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