Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Day: sleep, bleeding, sleep, working, ... underpants?

Had a horrible time trying to get to sleep. Had a worse time trying to stay asleep. Finally dragged awake and spent over an hour trying to get out the door.

Gave plasma. It was evidently Cartoon Day: old Popeye (loud and disruptive to my reading), then Finding Nemo, then Shrek.

Came home. Ate, read, crashed.

Zoomed off to work.

Nice mostly-boring day at work. I wound up working 6 hours instead of the formerly-usual 4. Yay hours, anti-yay exhaustion.

I got one caller trying to convince me that this was supposed to be a phone sex call. I got another caller who lived by himself, and was somewhat bemused by the phrasing of the survey for dealing with a household with more than one person. I grinned, read it in a painfully verbatim fashion, and the guy and I cracked up together.

Wouldn't you know, I got monitored while on the phone with the guy living by himself. And I got rathed "above standard" on reading verbatim...

...good job I didn't have the Rules Lawyer Monitor for that, is all I can say, because she would have taken marks off for making the remark "You can tell my supervisor makes me read this exactly as written...", I just know it...

Came home, exhausted.

Where's supper?

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