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In other news besides the head-breaky, I finally got to talk with Dawn, and I got to share the head-breaky, plus talk about the Amusing Adventures of Mr. XP, and the network woes, and the new job for Sis, and all that lovely stuff.

The head-breaky came earlier this afternoon, just aroud 5 pm, right before Sis called home. I read a journal entry that made my sanity go for a loop, though not in a painful hurtful owwie way, just in the sort of way that makes you smack your head into walls, grab the parties involved by the scruffs of their necks, and pour champagne over their heads after knocking their heads together. Or something like that.

At any rate, someone had used an unfamiliar word that I ought to have seen coming, so I was shrieking said word at about mid-range power of my lungs (which would be the tops of quite a few 'danes' lungs) and Mr. XP was Not Getting It, and when Sis called to say that she was out of work for the day, I screeched it at her, too, and she laughed at me quite extensively.

So, yeah.

In other news, marxdarx officially graduates on Saturday. The source of his Y gene will not be present, and his mother and stepfather will be there, as will Sis and the LF, but probably not the cats. (Sadly, I'm working, and I didn't get notice of this in time to arrange it off, and we do need the money, so, yaaagh. I am considering it more significant than he is anyway.)

But, head-breaky.

I probably will want to grab random people and go "Head-breaky!!!!!!" at them and vent, so I'd better choose people who aren't close to the involved parties to do so, because it's Not My News, even though I'm dying, simply dying, to pound my head on Darkside's shoulder in lieu of a proper wall, because, head-breaky. And he's perhaps the only person around here who can grok just how very head-breaky it is. Maybe he and I will go out (or, more practically, stay in) and get drunk together.

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