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Hooray for sewing! My bra fits!

I was fed up with my bra not fitting quite right, and stomped over to the sewing machine and took the blamed thing in about an inch in the band.

It fits!


It's not time for me to rush out and buy all new bras based on this bra size decrease, because bras in my size are both a major engineering feat and a major investment first of all, and second of all, I have not lost anything in the way of cup size (in fact, this is a cup size too small already as E cups are not to be had for love nor money outside of specialty shops, and finding bras in a DDD cup is difficult enough as it is) and it would be pointless to get new bras when I can easily re-engineer my old ones to suit. It takes me one seam on zig-zag, and that takes five minutes or less. Earning the money to replace a bra is a day's wages at my job, and I do not have a minimum-wage job. (Of course, the fact that we tend to only get 6 hour shifts is another factor.) I'll take the re-engineering...

But, whee, my bra fits! My bra fits! And for once, it's fitting because it was too large and I made it smaller rather than the other way around...

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