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Hooray for writers' group!

Went to writers' group. Hooray! Most of the fun people were there. easalle showed up!

I was massively unprepared, but managed to fake it with some Necromancer's Prayer.

I have started reading The Artist's Way, and while I do have some eyebrow-raising on some minor points (matters of technique and the handling of some situations), I think that most of it is good sound stuff and I'm planning to get a copy of it for Certain People for Certain Holidays.

My first Artist's Date wound up being the con last Saturday. I've been doing a sort of approximation of morning pages at work, though quite a bit has historically been coming out on LJ. It does clear out the brain something wonderfully, but the problem is that I often have too much on the brain to clear out in three pages. That, and there's content mixed in, plus I get interrupted. But it's been doing things.

Notes from the group: I need to write up all number of things, and one of the things I was writing had to do with Raven. V. says that I've got an astounding amount of experience for someone so young, and that I really could stop right now and still have enough to write about for the rest of a long and healthy life. The happy fun with pyrogenic at academic camp was one thing that came up, and also the chain of coincidence leading to me meeting sithjawa.

There was a new lady at the group tonight. Very pretty, and a beginning writer. It does take a new person a while to integrate into the group. Stackpole's observation about the fighter pilots and the five missions and how you don't get close to a new guy until you're sure he's going to survive does make sense in context, though not quite that way. We're a very friendly group, and there isn't anything in the way of sniping at other writers in the way that scouseboy describes. (Link is text-only, neither beverage nor work safe.)

Afterwards, none of us old crowd wanted to stop hanging out, so we wound up at Coco's until they shut down at ten. There were six of us: The Pirate Queen, P, V, easalle, me, and the (other) geek-chick. (I'm very bad with names...) There was innuendo. Further discussion of the infamous duck penis came up. (There was a discussion of cockroaches in group, you see, and how best to deal with them, and that was the (other) geek-girl's squick-point. I had the Pirate Queen find the duck penis photo to share with the rest of the class. It's to become an in-joke, I think.) Vagina Dentata, also.

It's going to become a regular thing, and a by-consensus invitation-only event, because this is the letting-hair-down time, rather than the tiptoing around the tulips sort of event. Which, yeah, is hellishly exclusive, but I'd rather be hellishly exclusive than have a great social event turn into "Aaagh, aaaaagh, let us run away fast and now and pray that the ones who we don't want to spend Social Time with don't follow" thing.

But, yes, good times, good times.

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