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Schedule for Summer Trip to Alaska

Leave Phoenix July 1 in the morning, pass through Seattle for an hour, arrive Fairbanks July 1 in the evening.

Leave Fairbanks July 8 in the morning, pass through Seattle for three hours, arrive Phoenix July 8 in the evening.

SEA/TAC website:

Alaska Airlines website: -- Alaska Airlines at SEA/TAC -- Alaska Airlines at PHX -- Alaska Airlines at FAI -- Web checkin -- Latest Travel Advisories -- Things to Leave At Home -- Timetables (put some of this on AzureBlue!!) -- Online flight tracker (so my roommates/parents/SOs/concerned friends will know where I'm at and if the flight left on time...)

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport -- Terminals -- Terminal 2; -- Real-time flight schedules (including gate)

Fairbanks International Airport -- main frame -- fails to give any useful information, and I send a helpfully chiding note to the web manager.

Federal Aviation Administration -- Things I may and may not bring (whee, crochet hooks and blunt scissors are a go! Crocheting!)

I chide the FAI website staff:
Dear Web Manager,

I was browsing the Fairbanks International Airport's information, and, much to my surprise and slight alarm, I failed to come across a map of the airport, the sort of map that a passenger might want to gaze over before actually setting foot in the place.

Were I not already intimately familiar with the airport after having lived in Fairbanks for 20 years, I would be far more alarmed at the prospect of barging into an airport several thousand miles away without so much as a heads-up as to how many terminals the airport has, where the gates are in relation to each other, where the check-in is, and the baggage retrieval location. After flying for a mere 8 hours, I would not be necessarily wanting to need to immediately seek out an airport map once there, instead of already having one printed out.

If there is such a thing, you may wish to add a link to it to a more eye-catching location, such as under "Passenger Services" on the "Airport Services" page, or even on the "About FAI" page. If there isn't such a thing, I would suggest creating one, so that travelers who have become accustomed to monstrosities like the Sea/Tac airport or Phoenix Sky Harbor can be reassured at FAI's charming simplicity.

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