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At the end of the evening...

We have, now:

  • One Lunatic, still ill, but far less congested thanks to the good offices of a shower, some decongestants, a cup of salt water, and a funnel

  • One under-desk space, which is hellaciously much cleaner than it had been

  • Several binders with filtered contents

  • A diminished pile on the shelf by the door

  • Two grocery bags full of papers and crap thrown out, and a third 3/4 of the way full and still not thrown out yet

  • One cat, annoyed that she's locked in the room for the night

  • One "Wings Day" not participated in because I haven't any wings yet

  • Two pens, found

  • One pink fairy bag full of equipment for phoenixglambomb

  • One installation of Winamp playing perky techno

  • Countless instances of nostalgia over some pretty funky stuff

  • One case of the [haven't seen] Darkside [in nearly five months] Blues

  • A formerly half-full single-serving bottle of blackberry wine cooler in the trash can

  • The case of "I wouldn't eat that if I were you" (brought to me by the wrong combination of weird food items on a near-empty stomach) and the resulting follow-up case of "I told you so!" (brought to me by the rest of the digestive system) winding down for the night

  • A binder now labeled "TFM", with plenty of plastic pockets to store the documentation on all the instances of consumer electronics and other things that come with TFM in the household

  • The Lunatic's total exhaustion


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