Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Fandom Speculation: How to write the Malfoys watching NASCAR...

"We're going *WHERE*, Lucius?"
"Texas, madam."
"Business. Our Dark Lord commands, love."
"If we must, we must. But we shall avoid inconvenience."

Flying carpet with sun shield device above it, so it would resemble a floating pavillion if it were not invisible. Large flying carpet. Comfortable, stiff, somewhat new (150-year-old or so) chairs. An assortment of snacks and a house-elf to serve them. ("Mistress, Nooby is not fond of heights! But, Nooby will serve...") Both of the elder Malfoys baffled by why this is of interest, Draco peering down and muttering about what he could do if he got under the hood of one of those things and applied just this spell and that, Lucius calling him to task ("I did not hear you saying words that Weasley would use. Take care that I do not ever fail to hear you using those words again.") and placing wagers as to who will be winning. If Narcissa should win, and she should forget herself and jump in such a way as to rock the carpet, some of the spectators would not be able to explain why they were suddenly covered in the results from what happens when a house-elf is airsick from a flying carpet above their heads...

It could happen.

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