Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Woke up. Went to work.
Sat between a guy who is an aspiring rap artist and a high school buddy of his, and they caught up on who they knew then and what they're doing now, and how two of them are dead, one because a forklift fell over on him at his workplace, and another because he was hit by a truck after he came out of church. And the hottest girls from back when have, like, four kids now.

Came home. Rested a bit, then went PowerShopping.
Came home, put things away, then went PowerShopping(part II) with the Little Fayoumis in tow.
Came home to find ralmathon over. Yay big brother!

Heard the story of the wedding of digitalambience. I'm sure he was past due when he was born, and he'll be late to his own funeral too. Other than that, and the debacle with the ring vs. Mrs. digitalambience's glove, and the tie, all was excellent and lovely. But there was quite the story in the "Yeah, it started a bit late"...

Now, soon, bed.

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