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Work, cats, movies, bees

I woke up at 7:37 am this morning because Sis called home to say that she'd gotten to work on time. I got to work on time too, thanks to this... I'd set the alarm, all right, but just neglected to activate it...

Work was work. I worked, sipped caffiene, and scribbled. I wound up coming up with some very on-crack ideas, some of which might even be good! Amazing. Some Fandom_Wank icon ideas, some insights, and also some poetry-like prose (in need of some touching up) came out.

Went home half an hour early when the funnel went empty. 44 hours this week, looks like. Still overtime, though.

Went shopping, because we were out of milk and eggs. Poor marxdarx slipped on some spilled sour cream. I swear that I'm more on the ball than some of the hapless employees there. I stood guard over the spill while the employee I tagged went for backup and paper towels and the mop bucket.

After we got home, it was movie time: X-2. The Little Fayoumis and I had seen that one together on my birthday last year, but the other two hadn't seen it yet. Mmm, Phoenix. Mmm, Wolvie. Mmmmm, Storm. Mmm, Scott. *happysigh*

Put my laundry in before settling down with the movie. Saw a lost insect in there bouncing against the light. Went back to swap out into dryer. Saw that the lostling was a bee. Went back to retrieve warm dry clothes. Saw that bee had landed on my dryer. Retrieved cracker wrapper from trash to scoop up bee and deposit outside. (Never, ever squish a bee in Arizona. If it's a plain ol' European(?) honeybee, it's no problem, but if it's got its homies watching out for it, you are in such deep, deep shit. And did I mention that Sis (not biologically related to me) may well be allergic to bees?)

At about that point, I noticed another insect in the room. A bee. Great. I kept getting my clothes out of the dryers. And another. Oh boy. And another. All bees. Dammit. Came back home without incident, let my roommates know that the laundry room was not going to be safe for Sis until the bees were all cleared out, and wandered off to leave a note on the office door for the complex managers when they get in tomorrow:

There are 3+ assorted bees in the laundry room.

#[our apartment]

Came back in to find that my room smelled somewhat funky. Sniffed rugs. Caught cat, stuffed in bathroom. Lectured. Sprinkled rug powder. Put cat in cat carrier in bedroom while I took a shower so that she would not yowl as if she were dying of being melted while I showered, even though she hides under the toilet. Moved cat back to bathroom.

Am now listening to cat yowl and howl and generally sound miserable. Poor little pisshead. Still not feeling overly sorry for her. She will learn to change her behavior or she will get to spend more time in the bathroom than she would prefer.

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