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Kid Quote of the Evening

"I broke your milk." --dustraven's 8 year old son, after attempting to use a knife to remove the sealing ring from a gallon jug of milk and instead slicing the plastic container entirely open all over the floor before Daddy was awake.

You see, I called dustraven because I didn't know how long my computer would be down for the count. And I chatted with him while reinstalling and so forth. And of course kids came up in conversation, and he explained to me why he had to get up early: to get breakfast for his son.

I mentioned how Little Fayoumis is seven and fairly self-sufficient in the kitchen in the mornings.

That was the problem, he said: the little one is a little too self-sufficient. And he proceeded to relate the tale -- milk, finding the (well-hidden and ordinarily not in his way) knives, opening the milk, cleaning up the milk with several towels, and in general being too cute for words and ... well ...

I probably haven't laughed so hard since something Shawn-related.

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