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Typing username with body parts fun & games

hlynna jumped off the cliff first, so I put on the parachute.

nose: azurelunatic
elbow: awqujrtel. gtik vc
tongue: -- not doing this as my keyboard has become gross
feet: zxiu9tr6erppuiatr6uix
eyes closed and one finger: azutrkubnaEIX
back of hand: asurelunmjasticv
palm: zselounmasicv
mouse: -- this is a body part? -- azyureklunjatic
wrist: sc ujy7 ve3lkunaqu

As you can (probably not) see, I had my shoe on while typing with my foot. Also, the caps lock key is uncomfortably close to the A key in the QWERTY layout.

Furthermore, I have not yet got a client on the new install, and am angsting because of this.

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