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"Weekend", and birthday plans...

This is my "weekend" -- no work Wednesday nor Thursday, though there is other stuff going on.

I hope to be awake at a decent time to call Darkside and inquire rather more urgently about his schedule, and potential plans, as what I'm going to do for my birthday varies, depending on whether or not he'll be around to spend time with.

Plan A involves me spending as much time as I may be allowed to grasp with him, preferably in relative solitude that I may be allowed uninterrupted conversation and/or silence. I need the most to be in the company of him, merely that, to bask in his presence. No matter some of the man's shortcomings (especially when measured by the cultural distance between Army Brat and not-Army), he's still my own dear friend, and he and I have so much glorious history that we still do mesh together better than any other close male friend I've found.

Plan B involves the unavailability of Darkside, and features good fun times with the other local people dear to me. Hooray for good fun.

Whatever happens, I'm determined that a good time will be had by all.

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