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Voter Verification on electronic ballots has a petition project going for voter-verified paper ballots for electronic voting machines. Whichever side of the United States political issues you are on, note that electronic voting with closed-source software made by an organization with political preferences is not generally worthy of trust.

My addition to the canned petition text is as follows:
As an Information Technology student nearing graduation, I have had ample experience with computers and how they can go horribly wrong. I do not trust electronic voting machines, especially ones that have not laid all their code bare so that I may inspect it and verify that there are no errors that I can find that will cause my vote to go astray. I do not trust closed-source software with the future of my country, and neither should you.

Maybe I'm a reactionary, but I don't trust untested electronics without backups their first time out. Just -- no. Especially not with all the rumblings I've heard around about the machines and the company and political agendas. If candidates that I do not favor get elected, I'd rather it be fair and square without the pall of doubt cast by machines that may or may not have been compromised or even working right to start with.

[Edit: do correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I'm right in saying that the software for these things is not being shown to the public?]

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