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The 3rd was Darkside's dad's birthday. I sent an e-mail.

Today, the 4th, is also wiseheron's birthday. garnetdagger, Naomi, Marah, and I will be (physically) 24 as of sometime this evening.

My plans are still largely undefined. I'll send an e-mail off in Darkside's direction, then just see what falls out. It's payday, so a trip to the bank is probably in order. I haven't got a blue-and-gold scarf, so I won't look like a Ravenclaw, but does that really matter? If nothing else, I may wind up getting together with trystan_laryssa, if no one else. The Viking's car was totaled, you see, and as a good virtual sister to him, my roommatesis will be shuttling him around to his assorted errands.


My schedule is utterly unsettled, which is OK as I hadn't had one in the first place...

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