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Movie! (No actual spoilers for those who have read book, and those are vague)

Saw movie. Sang delightedly along with the ending credits. Will flame the appropriate people for the misplaced apostrophe in credits.

Lupin vs. Snape!

The punch!

Felton no longer resembles Darkside. Instead, he looks far too much like That Idiot Shawn. Eek. My hots for Movie!Malfoy have been quashed. Utterly. My thing for Book!Malfoy continues unabated.


That is, IS, Trelawney. Holy crud.

We are so getting this.

Lupin-- "People like me..."

I saw more potential Ron/Hermione and/or Harry/Hermione than Remus/Sirius.

I am so making both a T-shirt and an icon for "slashgirl". Hee.

Small boys will hear their auntie yell "Slash!" and hear and yell "Smash!"

Best. Birthday. Ever.

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