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Sniiiiiifffff the Hammer!

This is the smell of sweet, sweet revenge.

A while ago, there was an unspecified and evil problem on our household's Local Area Network, making it so none of the computers were talking to each other quite right. This also meant that not everyone was getting internet access reliably.

I eventually traced the problem, with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, to the networking switch (little device that lets computers talk to each other) that was just inside my room.

It was too late at night to go completely postal on the thing, and I'd largely ignored it for some time, but today, it was daylight hours, and I remembered it.

I took it, and the hammer, outside to the garbage area. I'd previously taken a slightly-broken mesh laundry basket out there, so I put it down in order to be able to clean up some of the mess after I was done with my folding, spindling, and mutilating.

The first few swings did very little, but I saw the plastic outer casing starting to come apart. After it finally split, I gave the circuit board inside a few good wallops, and had the satisfaction of seeing a very smashed capacitor, some unhappy small logic units, and some former LEDs that would now emit nothing but darkness. ("I attack the darkness!")

I dumped the pieces of plastic and metal into the dumpster. The green circuit board clung to the mesh. I left it there, as a warning to other small devices. I walked back inside, brandishing the hammer, smirking. As I opened the door, I inhaled the scent of Dead Switch from the business end of the hammer. Ahh, the slightly acrid smell of sweet, sweet revenge.

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