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Household: cleaning, routine tasks

Found some more random Star Wars toys and parts in one of my desk drawers. Gave them to the Little Fayoumis. Opened random bucket in bathroom, found assorted cables. Cleaned up random bucket from outside, started putting craft stuff in there.

Found the old Christmas lights that I'd once had lighting my room. I started tagging out bulbs, but there were so many that need replacing that it's probably time to get spares for the entire thing come Yuletide, or just get a new one. I'm not sure which is the better option.

I'm getting started on finally putting up the star in the living room. There will be approximately 90 and a half inches between the points of the star as far as the circumfrence is concerned. (Radius of star, 6 feet, times two, times 12 inches per foot, times pi, divided by five, equals the segments of the star.)

I hatehatehatehate putting things up on the ceiling. I'm always afraid I'm going to fall down, and the stepping thing is never tall enough, and I always hurt my fingers on the stupid pushpins.

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