Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Lemming Time! My Last 20 Posts Tell Me...

In which I follow ywalme's example, and share what I learned from my last 20 LJ posts.

1. I am older than the husband of one of my friends. (This scares me.)
2. Out of a collection of quotes designed to prove that a late politician was a lying scumbucket while alive, I will pick out the most hilariously surreal to link to it.
3. Reading back entries of my old journal makes me re-link nifty things, in different format.
4. I have been dreaming about sex, and metaphorge is symbolic of The Really Hot Guy Who I'd Really Probably Not Have A Chance With In The Waking World.
5. My cat got spayed.
6. I have been trying to walk, but some days are better than others.
7. Drugs might make me more stable, but I still worry.
8. I am starting to think that my writing might rock again, and I am regarded as a good writer, if insane, by my peers.
9. One of the things that the Church of Scientology swears by is one of my hot-button issues that can leave me raving angrily and relatively coherently for up to half an hour. (Private post, as it's a not-coherent-enough draft.)
10. I think that Dumbledore is as sane as Captain Ahab. Also, I link to interesting discussions elsewhere.
11. My second grade teacher made me memorize poetry for spelling tests. This proved to have an effect on my sense of humor later in life.
12. I have trouble distinguishing between vowels in certain words -- namely, is it oragamist or origamist? One of them is surely wrong, unless I'm blind enough to have spelled them both the same.
13. othercat might come work with me! (Private post, chat log.)
14. My soon-to-be stepfather-in-law forwards some pretty damn cool things. Also, I'm more Quaker than I thought I was.
15. When famous ubergeeks do not know LJ ettiquite, things can get gnarly fast.
16. I braindump when I clean house. This reminds me that yes, I do need to do it more often, and also, sometimes things come out. Furthermore, I need to sometimes remember where I put things...
17. I have no problem with the proposal of traveling for 6 hours round trip on a bus to see my best friend for 1 or 2 hours.
18. I like to write amusing little essays about life's trials. Also, I felt I had to explain some things for the non-geek in my readership.
19. I still am capable of rambling on at some length about how much I'm in love. (Locked.)
20. My best friend's father astounds everyone who knows my best friend with his utter lack of clue when it comes to suggesting alternate careers that my best friend might go into. (Filtered.)

I'm not posting half as much as I was wont to in other days, because at the present moment I am at work most of the day. Rest assured that I'm writing just as much, it's just on paper.

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