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System Down Again

The system is down. We are bored. Of course, this had to happen right after I took 100mg of the caffiene, so I'm alert, even. (I'm careful with the stuff -- I had one half a 200 mg caffiene pill earlier, and the other half a bit ago, and plan on no other buzz today. No coffee, no soda, nothing. ) So, not only awake but bored.

Drew a little cartoon of Mr. Bitter, an improvement on the one if last night. I portray him as speaking, saying :I kniw everything! I never shut up!" That one, I will only share with those already annoyed by him. I also drew a fairly accurate picture of a systems crash:

Supervisor: "The system's down. Don't touch anything. Aigh!"
MRR1: "Zzzz"
MRR2 (tearing hair): "I just had one more question!"
MRR3: "Yay!"
MRR4 (kicking back & relaxing): "Awh yeah."

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