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Slack at work

Today is insanity. I am pulling a double shift. I synched my palmtop before I left for work, so I was able to read the public, uncut bits of my friends page. Hooray technology.

I have the slack time to type this at work now, as the dialer just came up with a very unique problem (numbers, no dialing) and we are awaiting a dialer reset. othercat, be sure to bring a book/paper/pen in case the dialer goes down, as that is boring as anything.

Yesterday I learned that almond oil makes a great solvent for ballpoint pen ink on a smooth/shiny surface. (Someone had scribbled on the calendar above/beyond the usual circling of paydays/crossing out past months. My perfume oil has an almond oil base.)

There is much slack. People are gossiping mightily. I am happily well away from any individuals who frequently have malicious gossip. *coughmrbittercough*

How much slack is there in your day?

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