Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Crash, dammit.

I was moving stuff around so that you can find it again and it all went crashyboom. I'll get it fixed but probably not tonight. Sorry about that. I think too much at once. Crash not good. Stupid processor. Copying I think fanfic sorting it from one thing to another thing.

File structures are not my friend, still, but they are going to be OK as long as I don't think about Gmail because that is shiny. I like shiny, and I want to put labels on all my files and put them sorted like that, but mostly in folders by primary things. Oh, and explorer.exe was what crashed, so, um, I think we'll have to reboot a little? Sorry.

Maybe we were on too long. You should shut down more often, really. And i think you might have unplugged something somewhere? No, that's just the little system tray pictures coming back. Um. Also, when are we going to update windows again? 'cause it says it wants to. Or something.

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