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the good drugs

Since I am able, now, to identify that my abysmal moods are cyclical, I can combat them via our good friend chemistry. All hail the stimulant family, and caffiene to be specific. Since I do not indulge on a regular basis anymore, even 200mg of caffiene (amount in one cup of coffee or one tablet) has a marked effect on me.

My supervisors may be daunted by the prospect of dealing with a perilously perky Lunatic who appears to be on fast-forward compared to her normal self, but they vastly prefer a productive and perky Lunatic to a depressed one taking shelter against the slings and errors of outrageous cold-calling in the ladies' room.

Scary, eh? Especially given that my inhibitions against doing stupid shit seem not to be fast-forwarded with me, half the time.

At least I'm not severely sleep-depped on this. Then I'd be hallucinating into the bargain. (Auditory hallucinations are one of the serious signs I need more sleep Right Now. . ..)

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