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Azure Jane Lunatic

Day-to-day Lunacy: double shift Sunday

Hanging out on the phone with people who may or may not want to talk to one is exhausting enough for six hours.

Doing so for the eight-hour Saturday shift is evidently worse.

Doing so for a six and a half and a six hour shift back-to-back with half an hour of breathing room in between? trystan_laryssa, dustraven, othercat, marxdarx, and sorcha007 all think I'm absolutely fricking bonkers, and where they agree, the Little Fayoumis, shammash, and eris_raven agree as well. (Darkside's position remains known: anyone who works there to start with has to be at least slightly bonkers, and I'm more than bonkers to begin with, so... .)

So, yeah.

The only day this week I wasn't working was Thursday, and that's my busy day. I was working the standard 6 hour shift on Monday, then came in two hours early for an eight hour shift on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I worked the standard 8 hour Saturday. I worked a double shift Sunday (which wound up being 8 to 8 today, instead of the usual 8 to 9).

This next week, I come in early for 8 hour shifts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, work the standard 8 hour Saturday shift, then pull a double shift Sunday.

Then I'm going to work my dinky little 6 hour shifts Monday and Tuesday, then pack like mad on Wednesday so's I can fly off to Alaska on Thursday.

Where does seeing my best friend fit in there, anyway?
It's a conspiracy, I tell you.

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