Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

As if I had any spare time...

This morning: sleep.
Tuesday morning: bleed. Also, call the Darkside.
Wednesday morning: probably return books to library.
Thursday morning: bleed. Thursday day: stuff, perhaps things. Maybe even seeing my blonder half. Run paycheck by bank. Thursday evening: writing group. (Which means in the intervening time I need to type up "A Cup of Time" and write a new installment for it, and also finish my essay on the sort of blog that isn't an alcoholic beverage.)
Friday morning: steal underpants. Perhaps grocery shop.
Saturday afternoon/evening: grocery shop if I didn't Friday.
Sunday: ARE YOU NUTS? There is only room for work on a double shift Sunday.
Monday morning: gods help us, but I go in to work at 3 not 1, yay me.
Tuesday morning: bleed.
Wednesday: run about as if I were a slightly truncated gallacious bird.

Thursday morning: find bus at who the hell are you kidding AM and ride to airport, or maybe snag a lift from Sis. Thursday day: massive boredom on airplane. Thursday evening: Alaska, after nearly four years without.
Friday: unscheduled
Saturday: unscheduled
Sunday: unscheduled
Monday: unscheduled
Tuesday: unscheduled
Wednesday: unscheduled
Thursday morning: go to airport. Thursday day: massive boredom on airplane. Thursday evening: wrangle buses to freshstartwrite. Share literary insights I had on trip. Giggling. Insanity.
Friday morning: sleep. Friday afternoon: work. Rinse, lather, repeat.

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