Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

This is why some people don't use IM often.

Chat log, random. Warning: ill spelling.

die_n_flyhigh (7:49:57 AM): [headshaky icon].........?
die_n_flyhigh (7:49:57 AM): think only positive thoughts :)
die_n_flyhigh (7:49:58 AM): speak only positive words [confused face]
die_n_flyhigh (7:50:06 AM): u dont wanna say sumthing.?
die_n_flyhigh (7:50:08 AM): :(
die_n_flyhigh (7:50:19 AM): [flower, flower, hug, flower, flower].!!!.......[shhh! face]
die_n_flyhigh (7:50:38 AM): [flower]hi frm here......[clover]
die_n_flyhigh (7:50:46 AM): u even dont know hw 2 say hi???/
die_n_flyhigh (7:50:51 AM): say sumthing
die_n_flyhigh (7:50:58 AM): [praying face]waiting 4 uor ""hi"" frm there?..[praying face]

die_n_flyhigh (7:51:07 AM): this is wronggg.!!!!!
die_n_flyhigh (7:51:35 AM): ???????
die_n_flyhigh (7:51:39 AM): ??????
die_n_flyhigh (7:51:39 AM): ????????
die_n_flyhigh (7:51:40 AM): ?????
die_n_flyhigh (7:51:40 AM): ???????
die_n_flyhigh (7:51:45 AM): say sumhting>>>>
azurelunatic (11:16:13 AM): Who the hell are you?
die_n_flyhigh (12:03:34 PM): who the hell is me.!!! tht doesnt matter my dear frnd...!! wht matters is uor behaviour..okkk :) think only positive thoughts..speak only positive words..c find uor id frm search frnd frm yahoo..!!! its on u tht whether u wanna have sum words frm me or not..!!..So take a moment during your time online..Might well be the sound of friendships dying.."""plzzzzz reply me atleast.....""".....byeee..:)
azurelunatic (12:03:59 PM): Or not.
die_n_flyhigh (12:04:07 PM): ohh..!!
die_n_flyhigh (12:04:15 PM): so u r on fire..!!
die_n_flyhigh (12:04:23 PM): i mean u r online...
die_n_flyhigh (12:04:54 PM): " or not"......?.. [d'oh face] sry i didnt get u..
azurelunatic (12:05:01 PM): You message me when I'm out. You leave all sorts of crud for me to read when I get back.
die_n_flyhigh (12:05:10 PM): :-O
azurelunatic (12:05:12 PM): NO, I do not want to talk with you. You're an ass.
azurelunatic (12:05:17 PM): Goodbye.
die_n_flyhigh (12:05:18 PM): 4 tht u shud b sry..
die_n_flyhigh (12:05:28 PM): consideration is takenn,,!
die_n_flyhigh (12:05:41 PM): :->.."AN ASS"..
die_n_flyhigh (12:05:54 PM): OHHH..!!
die_n_flyhigh (12:06:14 PM): u mean 2 say" agressive smart stranger..:"//
azurelunatic (12:06:23 PM): Goodbye.
die_n_flyhigh (12:06:24 PM): is thta an ass mean
die_n_flyhigh (12:06:28 PM): y.?
die_n_flyhigh (12:06:41 PM): dont b a good bye....
die_n_flyhigh (12:06:46 PM): b a good gal..
die_n_flyhigh (12:06:53 PM): n have a chat with a gud boy..
die_n_flyhigh (12:06:58 PM): :).....!?
die_n_flyhigh (12:07:13 PM): i know miss....that....normalllly
die_n_flyhigh (12:07:18 PM): friendships online are often flurting..
die_n_flyhigh (12:07:26 PM): made and lost without even once meeting...
die_n_flyhigh (12:07:35 PM): hw many friends from online have I lost..
die_n_flyhigh (12:07:39 PM): I havent kept count nor figured the cost...
azurelunatic (12:07:51 PM): Goodbye, you are ignored.

I mean... what ... the ... fuck. Just ... what the fuck. Genuine, grade-A idiot. Needless to say, said idiot's ID is blocked from sending any more messages.

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