Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Sleep? What's that?

Still awake.

Not sure when I'm getting up tomorrow, but I do know I'll be running all over, or at least a nice fraction of "all over".

I had caffiene at work today. This is contributing to the being awake. It's amazing what 200 mg of the stuff will do to you when you only rarely have it. Keeps me awake at work, and it contributes to my effectiveness, because it makes me bright and perky, even against my will.

I'm going to have to avoid it when off the job, or not in need of being awake, because I know that if I have it recreationally very much now, I'll be on a very bad place indeed. I fear what happens when the stuff no longer wakes me up and makes me bright and perky. Darkside's seen me like that, and it was Not Good. That was back in 2001 sometime. I'm not going there again.

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