Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Mental notes... fandom terminology

I compose LJ posts and comments in my head. Only maybe half of them ever get posted. And I post and comment a lot -- I'm the second or third commenter in many different journals, many of which I'm not even all that emotionally close to, just chatty, and I have insane amounts of posts per day.

Which tells you how much I write in my head.

So I was thinking, as a comment to ydnic's note_to_asshat post about the IM sex asshats, "Yeah, and I was on the phone with my OTP at the time, and he couldn't believe the idiot either."

Let us examine that. " OTP..."!

My life is fanfic?

But, seriously. If I were a fandom, despite the fact that I'm dating someone else, many of the fen would have Lunatic/Maniac as their OTP. (I think.)

OTP implies that it's currently happening only in fanfic. He's not a SO. He's my chosen partner, with UST, and he's my OTP.

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