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I saw a little lizard last night while I was walking home from work. It was a cute little scuttling one, and skittered across the sidewalk in front of school. (Incidentally, Othercat, last night was my night for the long survey.) I saw it go onto the grass and freeze. I knelt down and nabbed it! Yay lizard-catching! It squiggled in my hand, and I knew carrying it all the way home in my hand was a bad plan. I produced my handkerchief and plopped it in that.

When I got home, I put it in a jar so the Little Fayoumis and I could look at it. He was totally fascinated by how it could stand on the glass like that.

Then we let it out. I had to dump it out a bit, as it was in freeze-mode. I explained how it was harder to see something if it's is holding still.

I used to fall in my virtual aunt's pond while catching frogs. A lot.

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