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Work & morning

Failed to get enough sleep as per the usual. Ate actual food for breakfast. Zoomed off to work behind schedule but not late.

Ice machine is still down. Bald!Super is hung-over ("No one is logging in. No one is doing anything. Everyone is being quiet because I have a hangover. No one is logging in. We call this 'free money'. There is nothing better than free money.") and joined me briefly in bitching about the ice machine situation. He didn't know anything more about it than I did, and wondered why anyone would be so benightedly stupid as to contaminate an ice machine that they would in fact want to use later. I mentioned that my friends had thought that it might have been someone who was quitting.

Maybe the ice machine said something about their mother.

Bald!Super said that it might take a while to fix, as it would have to go through Management, and Management would probably be of the "let them wait because they don't appreciate it" mindset.

Next, a petition to Management from the phone goons about how much we appreciate and miss the ice machine.

8:45. More free money. Coffee is good. UTIs are not good. Hooray for ascorbic acid (the active ingedient in cranberry juice) and so forth. Anti-yay for not taking same regularly and so getting into this fine mess.

Bord now. Will read friends page on palmtop.

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