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Sane Lunatic: work

Yesterday I worked a double shift. I was at 36 hours that week already when I clocked in Sunday morning at just before eight. I clocked out just before eight in the evening when they sent the lot of us home early. I worked about four hours that whole twelve hour double shift, all told. The system was down, baby.

Now. My pay rate, after taxes, is around eight dollars an hour. This makes my time-and-a-half overtime pay around twelve dollars an hour. (It's more on weekends, but that would make me get out the calculator, because I can't do all this in my head very fast.)

Essentially, yesterday, I worked four hours at the normal rate, and then was paid time-and-a-half for eight hours to sit on my tailfeathers and read, write, draw cartoons of the workplace, update LJ from my palmtop, share my Very Scary Fanfic (who knew fluff could be that terrifying?) and generally ... loaf.

I was tempted to throw a lightswitch rave.

Today, I am still ill with that same UTI</a>, and I was debating calling in sick to work, because, a) ow, b) that was a seriously long shift yesterday and I'm exhausted, and c) I really don't want to feel guilty about running to the bathroom every three seconds if that's what winds up happening</a>.

At 12:30, the office at work called and told me that there was no night shift. (Being, of course, the historical-minded Lunatic I am, and also just having woken up, I thought night shift == night gown for a few surreal moments before FAO told me that the system was down, and I should call in tomorrow to assure that the system was up before coming in.


Lunatic will be taking an unscheduled, attendance-happy health/sanity day today, and vitamin C.

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