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Wine & rosewater

FatherSir brought home some assorted flavorings from his trip to Grandma's. There were three bottles of pomegranate something, one bottle of orange blossom, and one bottle of rosewater.

He's been trying to find something that rosewater would go well in as a flavoring. I put it in some tea, and that tasted very nice.

I wonder what else besides tea would taste nice with rosewater. I have some at home. I've mostly been using it as a perfume.

Tonight I'd really like to spend the night back in my Arizona apartment. I have a hot tub there, there are no mosquitoes there, I have a blender and ice and soda and wine there, I have a fast internet connection there, I have my LJ client on a computer with more than 2 or 3 gigs of hard drive space there (these computers are ancient), and I have all of my clothes there. Oh, and my bed's there.

I was out, with people, you see, and being around people, just random people, drains me. I did get some nice effective writing in: the two bits that I mentioned, plus some nice offline journal with very sweet randomness. I am much in favor of journal randomness, because there is all sorts of randomness in people's brains.

I probably have about an hour of room-cleaning left in me tonight. There are all sorts of unexpected things from my former life in drawers. Marah is excited to see that she's getting so much of her stuff back.

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