Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Home again...

Back in Phoenix, back in the apartment. My timing as plotted out beforehand was stellar -- I got off the airplane, got my baggage, got the bus to the other terminal, got the Red Line, went to Writing Group and got there just around 7:30, had dinner with the people afterwards, and now I'm home!

My cat missed me.

My room's a mess.

Stuff I dug up out of my Alaska room will be following me in boxes. (I kept saying "boxen" out loud to Mama, but that's only the correct plural for computers, so I kept having to correct myself.)

I wrote a little piece on phoenix-type multiples on the plane. Wouldn't you know, the writing group mini-write tonight was on our alter egos...

Fun was had by all.

I had 45 messages when I opened up my inbox. Only two or three were spam. (The bulk folder has 39. Eeek.)

P. gave me a ride home. easalle got her sparkle-sweater. (Definitely unseasonable for Phoenix...)

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