Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Computer Comparison

Well. Back from Guardian to Tigereye.

Guardian has a huge monitor.
Tigereye has a small monitor.
Guardian was built in 1994.
Tigereye was built in 2000.
Guardian has 28.8k dialup on good days.
Tigereye has DSL, routed to her smoothly from a spiffy new router.
Guardian's huge monitor occasionally has the screen go all blue, not from the OS crashing, from internal monitor problems.
Tigereye's monitor doesn't do that.
Guardian's monitor sometimes emits very unhappy beeps until it's turned off to cool down for a bit.
Tigereye's monitor doesn't do that.
Guardian has to think about every little thing it does for a bit, because he doesn't think very fast.
Tigereye sometimes has to do that too, but not half as often.
Guardian has maybe 2 gigs of hard drive space.
Tigereye has 6, and can connect to another hard drive elsewhere as well.
Guardian has Windows 98.
Tigereye has Windows 2000.
Guardian was last defragged some 1,700+ days ago.
Tigereye was defragged a few months back.
Guardian's antiviral programs were installed by Mama. (She hasn't installed any.)
Tigereye has SpyBot Search & Destroy and AdAware.
Guardian has WordPerfect and Presentations on him.
Tigereye does not.
Guardian was purchased when sound cards were an extra little option you could add. FatherSir didn't add it.
Tigereye has a sound card.
Guardian does not have room for IM programs.
Tigereye has three different ones.
Guardian has all the stuff I left there before I left.
Tigereye has some of the stuff I'd taken with me from back then, but I didn't bring any of the images. See above re: WordPerfect and Presentations.

I'm glad to be back on Tigereye.

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