Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Work Saturday, Sunday plans

Work was weird. I was on one of the panel studies, which meant I was mostly calling people that already wanted to talk to us because they're getting paid for it. Not much downtime. Got seven or more surveys on that before we ran out of numbers for the day. Got put on demographic-specific recruitment for same panel. Had little to no luck, because in addition to being a specific ethnicity, it's also a ten year or narrower age bracket that they're looking for. Then got put on the main recruitment project for same panel, which was nicer. Still no actual luck, though. I'm generally good at that, but it was a Slow Day.

My paycheck come next Friday is going to be a very sour and sad one: it'll have my labors of today and tomorrow, given that I was out with this scratchy throat & nasty cough on Friday, gone for a week before that, and then there was no work the preceding Monday and Tuesday. Yow.

So I'll be working a double shift tomorrow, then putting in another insane two weeks to fatten the paycheck at the end of the month in compensation. (Overcompensation?) Next week is only allowing seven hours of overtime, when I usually try for twelve. Drats. Maybe they'll want more by the end of the week. But then, I could do without another double shift Sunday... not that those are all that bad when you're used to them.

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