Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Hee, hee. Phone with Darkside, things cleared up for good, phone center fun

Called Darkside. Talked for two hours. There is much worthy of extended comparison/contrast between our respective jobs. Will be e-mailing him BOfH links. Had been relatively certain that I'd read his reactions right on one thing last year, but asked him all the same, and yes, I had read him right. His body language is none too clear to strangers at the start, and when it's muzzy because he's half-asleep (I am the QUEEN of bad timing), it's even less so.

We had happy fun talking about our workplaces. I had to give him the backstory behind my recent offer of letting him borrow something personal of mine, which was the OO Analysis & Design II final RP, so he understood the story that I'd told which led to the following issues -- context for the phrase "thirty-six inch strap-on" makes all the difference, really.

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