Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

New Work Character: Master of Misinformation

Enter the Master of Misinformation, so dubbed by othercat.

I sat next to him maybe a month ago. He's a man perhaps my age or older, in that nebulous "I am a full adult and am not yet Old" age between the exit of the teen years and the onset of the beginnings of old age -- while he probably isn't fifty, his early forties is a possibility, and so is his early twenties, but I'd place him at about 35 if I had to guess. He's a little odd in that way that's very easy to spot as Probably Doesn't Think Like Most Earth People but hard to pin down the exact symptoms of. He's a little too loud, a little too outgoing, a little too non-noticing of the unwritten social codes, and moves and walks oddly. When I sat next to him, or, rather, he moved in the wallflower lineup to be sat next to me, he pushed several of my warning-buttons: not a dangerous person to be near, but the buttons that said that if I got to know him closer than I already did, that I would be dealing with a bunch of his crud that I'd neither time nor inclination to deal with.

So today he evidently gave glorious misinformation (you're supposed to fill out an error report if you cough while doing a survey? Um, no...) and then gave Attitude when he was asked to please not talk to someone while they were working.

I overheard that bit, even though I was seated maybe four chairs down. At least, I heard his half of it. One's really not supposed to be hearing one's co-workers conversations from that far away...

So. Master of Misinformation. Not malicious, but definitely someone to just stay away from...

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